For us, every relationship counts

It's with that in mind that we come-up with integrated experiences and creative solutions at the intersection of data, culture and technology that transform the relationship between business and people.


Integrated experiences across an ecosystem of touchpoints

  • Strategy & Design
  • BX, CX, UX, EX, MX
  • CRM & Loyalty
  • Social & Digital
  • Media & Performance
  • Integrated marketing
  • Web3, Gaming, Metaverse


Futureproofing client business

  • Applied Behavioral Science
  • Product & service design
  • Digital transformation
  • Commerce


Scaling experiences

  • MarTech
  • SalesTech
  • AdTech
  • Analytics, Measurement & Optimization

Data Science & Engineering

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Execution

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We creatively engineer Total Human Experiences

We create magic at the intersection of Creativity, Technology and Strategy.

We believe that the oxygen of data fuels this beautiful alchemy to deliver experiences that work for everyone in the ecosystem — from customers and prospects to employees, partners and influencers.

This frees us from working in artificial boundaries and focuses us and our clients on real business outcomes.

This frees us from working in artificial boundaries and focuses us and our clients on real business outcomes.

MRM Total Human Experience (THX) gráfico - Tecnologia, Estratégia, Criatividade MRM Total Human Experience (THX) gráfico - Tecnologia, Estratégia, Criatividade
  • Customer Experience
  • MarTech Delivery
  • Innovation
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Connections Strategy
  • Loyalty
  • Audience Intelligence
  • Social
  • CRM
  • Consulting
  • Commerce
  • Data-Driven Marketing

Truth 2 Relationship
Understanding and transforming modern relationships.

Relationships are constantly changing, and building real meaning requires a meticulous operating system with a legitimate human approach to identify truths and opportunities that can make sense and difference to people’s, businesses’, society’s and planet’s lives.

From a brand’s meaning and purpose (Truth to Meaning 5.0 – 6Cs Audit) to a detailed mapping of all of it’s possible connections and experiences (Relationship/Experience Mapping), we seek for “Purple” solutions that truly generate connections, results and even potential business and/or cultural transformations

Gráfico MRM Core Truth Gráfico MRM Core Truth

Data mining for data meaning

We love data. Because with the right data in our hands, we can uncover powerful insights and illuminate opportunities. It’s the game-changing insight-delivering info gold that helps turn experiences into relationships.

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Mining for an integrated view

Data integration is all about structure. We keep data fragmentation in check day to day to ensure that security, functionality and validity are optimized for a perfectly unified view.

Homem e mulher discutindo trabalho no escritório

Uncovering the truth

Our best-in-class advanced, predictive and linguistic analytics capability is cleverly focused to make the most out of your data.

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Creating mutual meaning

We deliver optimized and personalized experiences by connecting people, data and intelligence — in real time — right at the meaningful moment of interaction.

And we make it meaningful with some great partners:








Modelo MRM R - THX

Creativity is not a department. It’s everything we do.

Cannes Lions

Grand Prix — Entertainment Lion

Santander Bank

Cannes Lions

Gold — Brand Experience & Activation

Microsoft Xbox

Cannes Lions

Gold — Outdoor/Live Advertising and Events

Microsoft Xbox

The One Show

Gold — Innovation in Branded Entertainment

Microsoft Xbox

The One Show

Silver — Craft

General Motors



German Youth Association of People with Hearing Loss

The Webby Awards

Experiential & Innovation


Cresta Awards

Gold — Craft

General Motors

Cannes Lions

Bronze — Brand Experience & Activation

ROM Chocolate

The One Show

Bronze — Direct/Use of Smart devices & Voice Assistants

German Youth Association of People with Hearing Loss

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Smart technology makes “impossible” possible

When someone says we can’t do something, we just invent something to make it happen. It’s empowered through our knowledge of cutting-edge tech tools and next-level consulting. This is something we’re continuously honing to provide clients and customers with amazing experiences across all channels — a few that haven’t even been invented yet.

Meet some of our fellow tech nerds (and it takes one to know one):










Innovation, at your service

There’s a place where amazing new inventions are dreamed up to change the world for the better. And it’s not in some secret underground lair — it’s right here at MRM. LAB13 is a specialty team devoted to inventing, architecting and prototyping unprecedented products, services and new businesses for our clients.

Logotipo Lab13 by MRM

It’s been a big four years for LAB13:


Facilitated 164


Built 71


Won 209


Filed 5