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An unparalleled Cyber Monday experience

Uma experiência inigualável na Cyber Monday

Many items are more expensive in Chile than they are in other countries. So, during the busiest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday, LATAM Airlines shifted conversations by inviting people to buy the products they were looking for, cheaper, somewhere else in the world.


4 Grand Prix – ACHAP Festival Chile

6 Gold – ACHAP Festival Chile

1 Silver – ACHAP Festival Chile

Webby Awards Nominee 2022

The One Show Data & Targeting 2022 Merit

During Cyber Monday, LATAM Airlines doesn't compete only with other airlines – they compete with the whole retail industry. After two years of lockdowns, and price differences from exchange rates and taxes, we invited people to buy the products they sought online in destinations where they were cheaper…all while reconnecting with experiences they lost out on due to Covid lockdowns.


We targeted very specific ads (Google Ads, banners, Twitter) to people who were looking for diverse products, showing them they could travel somewhere else to purchase them and enjoy a travel experience for the same price -- or even cheaper than buying the product itself in Chile.

Os chilenos adoram comprar online

Thanks to retargeting and real-time conversations on social media, we were able to connect with people in a relevant way, by talking about what they were actually looking for and not our product.

Graças ao retargeting e às conversas em tempo real nas mídias sociais, conseguimos nos conectar com as pessoas de maneira relevante, falando sobre o que elas realmente procuram e não sobre o nosso produto.

30 million dollars in air ticket sales

300%+ sales increase compared Cyber Monday the previous year